Mali School TOPS 400 students!

New Classrooms | New Desks ! ! ! !

New classroom desks have arrived at our Mali school.  These were donated by the youth and children ministries of Rexdale Alliance Church.    


We are so thankful for your generosity and compassion and appreciative of all those who pray and support our school.


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The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.  Luke 4:18

The second level of the school in Mali and new classroom construction is moving swiftly.       Thanks so much for all your prayers and generous donations.


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About our Ministry

Grace Between Nations Ministries is an interdenominational and holistic Christian organization existing to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ around the world from Toronto to Timbuktu. 

Our vision is to provide a means for God’s children to share their grace in Christ with other nations around the world.  We and our partners seek to exercise our spiritual gifts of preaching, teaching, and healing for the glory of God.

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Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom

of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14


We are reaching the young children of Mali with the message of Jesus Christ who loves them. Our prayer is that from kindergarten to eventually grade 9 and as of Oct 2017; these children will learn how to read and write. Our main vision is to see Christ shape the lives of these young Malian children in San, Mali into men and women of Character, Competence and Success for God and God's people.

Rev. Pastor Timothy Coulibaly School

We give praises and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for allowing us to achieve our mission goals.    With investments in new classrooms we are so excited, and blessed, that our enrollment is up for the new school year that started Oct 6/17 covering Kindergarten to Grade 5.  Our school now has a total 360 students up 42% from last year:

  • 93 in Kindergarten (42 Boys | 51 Girls)
  • 75 in Grade 1           (47 Boys | 28 Girls)
  • 67 in Grade 2           (32 Boys | 35 Girls)
  • 68 in Grade 3          (30 Boys | 38 Girls)
  • 31 in Grade 4           (15 Boys | 16 Girls)
  • 26 in Grade 5           (19 Boys | 7 Girls)

We thank you for your faithful and ongoing support in prayers and finances.

Christian Education

It is not uncommon for evangelism to take place in communities where less than 50% of the population can read and write.  Christian education can help those populations to better direct the future of their own community and country.


Many Malian kids do not have access to formal education. Consequently, the country continues to suffer the darkness of illiteracy and poverty in all its angles.  GBNM, with its partners, is committed to play its role in this crucial domain of education in Mali so that other kids could have the joy of learning to read and write. In doing so, we will create an opportunity to not only glorify the name of the Lord in Mali, but we will also contribute to fight poverty.

Health Care

Jesus healed the sick and even touched the dead as part of His earthly ministry.  Under His example, Christians are likewise called to bring physical, mental, and emotional healing to others in need.  Accordingly, GBNM will establish local healthcare facilities to serve as a focal point and a resource for the provision of healthcare services.